Save on Bank Fees and Mortgage Payments with MoneyCorp™


Currency Exchange and Foreign Payments Service

SAVE £££'s when Buying, Selling and Foreign Transfers

Our clients have literally SAVED €1,000's on their Spanish property transactions and mortgage payments when moving money around... and it's so easy and worth the time.

It's your hard-earned money, so hold on to it for a bit longer!
For 15 years, Hondon Villas have regularly used and recommended MoneyCorp, our chosen currency exchange experts. They have the service reputation and global reach that surpasses any other exchange company we have used.

Inertia will cost you, period! And banks generally charge higher fees and have less favourable rates than a currency exchange. Using Moneycorp™ will ensure you save initially and continue to save money in the future, whether you need to send large sums halfway around the world or take a few hundred on a holiday.

Zero % commission and low fees

MoneyCorp ZERO% commission online (unlike banks, Bureau de Change, Post Office or a Travel Agent) and their transaction fees are low.

Bigger, better, more efficient with 35 years of expertise* : MoneyCorp help tens of thousands of clients every year with their foreign exchange and international payment requirements. Their web site has the most advanced 'real-time' currency system we have seen. It is very easy to check rates, request information or do a deal.

*MoneyCorp were established in 1962 and have been trading currencies since 1979. Last year, they transacted in excess of £10 billion in foreign currencies on behalf of clients. They have approx.' 1000 employees and deal in over 100 currencies.

SAVE on regular, staged or one-off foreign payments

Just like Hondon Villas, MoneyCorp want to ensure your property purchase/sale goes smoothly. And we know MoneyCorp will help you all the way: online or via one-to-one calls. It's FREE TO CHECK THEIR RATES and OPEN AN ACCOUNT. You'll be able to make urgent one-off payments, elect to diarise a money transfer or target a particular exchange rate in the future.

The main advantages of using a currency exchange is YOU GET BETTER RATES over banks and you can CHECK THE RATES YOURSELF online or phone 24/7. MoneyCorp will get you the best possible rate whether your exchange is same-day urgent, a few months away or a monthly payment such as a mortgage or living allowance.

FLEXIBLE and EASY: You can automatically send overseas payments at a schedule you've set. You can even fix the exchange rate for up to two years. Great for paying mortgages and bills, or transferring pensions and salaries.
Professional, knowledgeable and re-assuring : "Moneycorp were excellent and they ensured the transfer of our funds in Euros was both smooth and timely. The overall customer service was brilliant and we had regular contact with our dealer Simon Lowy. He was professional, knowledgeable and re-assuring throughout the very stressful few months leading to completion." - a property buying client.

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