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Buying a property in Spain

Let us help buy your home in Spain

Once you have found your new home, Hondón Villas will put your offer forward to the Seller and negotiate a price that suits both parties.

If the offer is accepted by the Seller, the Buyer must instruct a lawyer and pay a €5.000,00 EUR deposit over to the appointed lawyer, who will keep this deposit until the paperwork has been checked. The Buyer will also need to sign a reservation contract and agree a completion date (subject to the paperwork check).

Once the lawyer has checked and verified the legal documents, the €5.000,00 EUR deposit will be transferred to the Seller.

At this point the €5.000,00 EUR deposit is NOT refundable. If the paperwork is NOT correct then the €5.000,00 EUR will be returned to the Buyer by the lawyer.

We strongly advise you to use a Spanish lawyer who has indemnity insurance, who speaks your language and who also understands the area that you are purchasing in.

Costs Involved

The Government tax is calculated on the agreed selling price and is currently 8% in the Murcia Region and 10% in the Alicante Region.

On top of this, the Buyer will need to pay lawyer fees, Notary fees and Land registry fees which is another 2%.

  1.  Example of property purchase in Murcia region sold for 180.000,00€

          Plus 8% = 14.400,00€                Plus 2% =3.600,00€                    Total amount to pay = 198.000,00€

    2.   Example property purchase in Alicante region sold for 180.000,00€

          Plus 10% = 18.000,00€              Plus 2% = 3.600,00€                    Total amount to pay = 201.600,00€

No Other Costs Are Involved

Before a property can be purchased in Spain the Buyer will need an NIE number. This is an identification number meaning registration of a foreigner in Spain.

You will also need a Spanish bank account (which we can assist you with) whilst you are here in Spain.

We Are Here To Help

Hondon Villas will guide you every step of the way

If your finances are in Sterling, then we can put you in touch with a currency exchange company who will give you some of the best rates for transferring. This is the best way of getting your Sterling (£ GBP) transferred into Euros (€ EUR), as using your Spanish bank may incur high transfer fees. 

Please ask any member of the Team should you be interested in receiving further information regarding this service.

Completion Day

Choose from the following options

Option 1 – Buyers attend the Notary with their Lawyer and collect the keys to their new home.

Option 2 – If you are not available to attend the Notary on completion, Hondón Villas will arrange for a local Lawyer to have Power of Attorney. This can be arranged whilst you are in Spain.

Option 3 – If you have returned to your country of Origin and you are unable to attend the Notary, then Power of Attorney can be arranged in your country and forwarded to your Lawyer in Spain who can then complete the sale on your behalf.

If you require Power of Attorney, please ask one of the Team who can help with this.

Should you be unsure of any of the above please do not hesitate to contact us via telephone or email

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